The Death of "The Influencer"

More and more companies are leaving behind the days of setting aside budgets for paid advertisement and are now allocating that money towards influencer marketing and who’s to blame them? Testimonials and third-party endorsements help to establish credibility with your company and can go much further than traditional advertising (as long as the source is credible).

As influencer marketing continues to dominate industry after industry, more and more social media figures have emerged from the Instagram Explore page. Although social media is an amazing platform for building niche communities, it’s also important to remember just how powerful it can be in affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The term influencer has increasingly lost its charm over the years because of people taking advantage of their platforms. Purchased followers, commission codes and selling tea that “guarantees to make you skinny in 3 days” now floods the internet, making it hard for not only followers, but businesses alike to trust in these social media celebrities.

For those reasons, we say R.I.P. to the influencer!

So What Now?

We’re saying goodbye to “influencer” and hello to Conscious Collaborators! We want to get back to the meaning of the word influence and using that influence for good.

Conscious Collaborators are:

  • Conscious! (Duh) - They have a moral obligation to use their platform transparently, and in a way that is beneficial in some way to their audience.

  • Mindful - They do proper research and are thoughtful in choosing the products and companies they work with— not just based on who will give them the most money.

  • All Over The Spectrum - They can range from 500 to 500,000 followers — the importance lies within how engaged and interactive they are with their communities.

  • Transparent - They understand that they are held to an unwritten code of et