Media Kits: The New Resume

Would you hire a potential job candidate if they didn't bring a resume to the interview? Likely not. The same goes for Media Kits and securing brand collaborations and sponsorships.

In case you haven't heard, influencers are dead (#RIPinfluencers) and Conscious Collaborators have taken their place. We're fed up with Instagram being flooded with posts about harmful products and misleading lies. Conscious Collaborators are authentic, mindful, transparent and are dedicated to getting back to the meaning of the word influence and using that influence for good.

ANYWAY... let's get back on topic.


Your new best friend.

A Media Kit is a business tool used to share your story, your value as a collaborator, your community, statistics and other relevant information companies look for when deciding who to work with. Just like resumes, this document serves to represent who you are as an influencer, all in one spot!

Your media kit should include:

  • Bio/Website/Social Handles

  • Insights/Stats

  • Demographics

  • Partnerships/Collaborations

  • Testimonials

  • Pricing

(Example of insights/stats from Conscious

Collaborator and #sweat aficionado,