Lum A Terra presents "Coffee with a Creative"

Consider us your business idea soundboard. Your collaboration conductors. Your content gurus. Your social media glossaries. Your public relations instructors. Your entrepreneurial resource guides.

What is Coffee with a Creative?

CWAC is a 1-hour long consulting session to brainstorm your ideas, get them out of your head & on paper then formulate a strategic game plan to make it happen.

Lum A Terra has a combined 12+ years of experience in the fields of marketing, design, events, social media, photography and have started our own business from the ground up.

We are happy to help you carve out the next steps in reaching your goals!

Why do I need Coffee with a Creative?

These consultation services are for those that have a vision but don't necessarily know what to do next... You may need a CWAC session if you're having the following thoughts:

Why am I not seeing the marketing results I want?

I have a business idea but have no clue where to start

I want to learn more about ethical & sustainable business practices