Deck the Halls While Staying Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

By Ciara Vincent

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to break out your Christmas trees and menorahs now that the holidays are just around the corner (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this time of year 😄). And while the holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, they're also a time of over consumption. Whether it’s through gift giving, decorations, or family meals, it’s important to stay conscious about what you really need. From disposing your tree properly, to making your own homemade decor, there are many ways to make your holiday decorations eco-friendly this year with little to no cost at all! We've rounded up some eco-friendly tips for you to deck the halls this holiday season without harming the planet we're so lucky to call home!

Your Christmas Tree

If you are celebrating Christmas this season and looking to buy a real evergreen Christmas tree, there are multiple eco-conscious ways to dispose of your tree once Christmas is over.

  • Make firewood out of your tree. Evergreen trees make great firewood due to the sap on the tree being flammable!

  • Turn your tree into wood chips. Many cities offer programs that allow you to recycle your tree and turn the wood into wood chips. Wood chips are perfect for composting and and commonly used in gardens and landscapes. For all you San Diegans, here’s a list of places that will recycle your tree for you!


Another way to stay sustainable this holiday season is by making your own decorations. #DIYKingAndQueens

  • Driftwood Tree - My mom loves doing DIY projects and when I visited her this past Thanksgiving, she had a new DIY to show me — she calls it her driftwood tree!