Connecting From the Couch

The Pros & Cons of Virtual Events

By Lindsay Buchignani

It’s no secret that all of our lives have shifted ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Even though events have been postponed or canceled, some have decided to be resilient and move their event online! A virtual event is an interactive, multi-session event that often features webinars and webcasts for people to connect with each other online, rather than in a physical location.

You may be wondering — What are the pros & cons of hosting events online?

Look no further, here’s a few we’ve rounded up:


Bang for your buck!

  • Virtual events are much more cost effective. Typically all you have to pay for is the platform, promotion, and speakers.

  • Virtual events can stay live for around 30 to 90 days, or even all year round.

Perfect for making Connections!

  • Virtual events make interacting with sales reps easier and more relaxing.

  • Virtual events can provide extremely useful data insights that help you nurture hot leads.

Better for the Environment!

  • By staying online, we are lessening our carbon footprint.

  • Virtual events lead to less emissions from transportation to and from the event venue.