Be a Better Consumer By Learning Businesses’ Branding Tactics

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

- Steve Cook, Co-Founder, Intuit

The Big Guys. Wall Street. Big Brother. The One-Percenters. Whatever you choose to call them...they’re the producers of this world. Although they may have a large influence on the world, their power is deemed worthless without the key part of the equation: the consumers. As a consumer, you have so much more power than you may think. At Lum A Terra Media, we encourage and emphasize the notion that consumers can, and should use their purchasing power as a vote towards the society they want to be part of. And with the essence of “branding” being more apparent than ever thanks to social media, it is imperative for consumers to learn their power and to utilize it.

But first, what exactly is branding?

Alright, alright funny memes aside...we’ve all heard the term before and big brands like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon or Coca-Cola probably come into mind. That’s because these companies have done an excellent job in branding themselves. Let’s take a specific example most people are familiar with: Apple. If you want to really know what Apple’s “brand” is, ask yourself and your peers what having an Apple product means to you. You may say something like "Having a Macbook Pro makes me feel successful, creative, exciting, unique, professional…" In other words, it’s the "gut" feeling a consumer gets when thinking of the brand.

So then...what is brand i