7 Ways to "Greenify" Your Office

Take a Step Towards Social Responsibility

Opening up the conversation about environmentally-friendly initiatives can, and should be carried onto the business world. As more and more conscious millennials and younger generations saturate corporate America, companies are learning they have to innovate their operations in order to sustain their business. Lucky for them, adopting these green business initiatives can only bring more customer retention and profitability in the long-run. We’ve rounded up 7 ways your business can “greenify” itself and position itself as a socially conscious business.

1. New Business Cards Made Out of Old Stuff

It is not a new concept that exposure is everything in business. As a marketing and communications professional, I know just how valuable each individual marketing touch point (such as business cards) can be. With that being said, we also can’t continue to use one of our most valuable resources on the planet: TREES.

Insert MOO, an online print and supply company that has a line of business cards made out of cotton paper. These cards are made out of old t-shirts, fighting both deforestation due to paper and the harmful effects of clothing on the environment.

Side note: Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest fires are

STILL happening? The news may have stopped covering it,

but fires are still blazing. Here is a site where you can learn

more and/or donate.

2. Sustainable Snackin’

Company culture is everything in an office and what better way to fuel morale than with brain fuel! By switching to ethically sourced coffee, you are helping to ensure workers and farmers around the world are getting paid fair wages and the production of your coffee isn’t harming the environment — simply by switching the brand. Try our favorite, Allegro Coffee!