Lum A Terra Media is a creative communications company which focuses on supporting brands who are socially conscious and attempting to "light the world." What does “Lum A Terra” mean? Our brand originates from the root word “lum,” meaning light, and “terra,” meaning earth. In essence, we aim to light the world through the impact and visions of the brands whom we collaborate with.

We support the “who” and the “why” before the “what,” helping to tell the stories of inspiration behind these brands before ever introducing a product. As two passionate entrepreneurial women fueled by a desire to better the planet we’re lucky enough to call home, we have chosen to utilize our skills and passions to support the brands and companies with the same moral obligations as us.


Who we are

We are two best friends turned business partners! Both of us have worked at some of the top PR & Brand Development firms in San Diego but ultimately decided to team up so we could put a larger emphasis on who the entrepreneurs are behind our clients.


Co-Founder, Head of Community Outreach


Standing at a whopping 4’11, I’m typically described as a “small lady with a big personality”. I’m the woman in line at the grocery store telling you about the life-span of a plastic bag. I’m your neighbor with 6 pets and counting because I’m constantly fostering and trying to find them forever homes. I’m that person standing in the middle of the store frantically researching the ethics of a company for 10 minutes before actually buying anything. I’m the one preaching you the vegan-gospel even though you really didn’t ask. I have always let my passions be my driving force in my daily actions because they are my “why”. I believe everyone has an innate desire to do good, but sometimes just don't know how. I've worked on campaigns for some of the largest household names across multiple industries, but through Lum A Terra Media, I am able to seamlessly integrate educating the public on how they can achieve being part of the greater good while supporting and promoting the companies that are already doing so. 

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Co-Founder, Head of Operations

I'm a 24-year old, nature-loving, dog-obsessed, creative who is constantly fascinated by the beauty this planet has to offer, and ultimately fueled by the drive to sustain it through a socially conscious lifestyle. I believe in the power of knowing the faces behind brands whom we choose to have relationships with. I first became socially conscious when I immersed myself in the brinks of nature: traveling, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing...you name it. I fell in love with our symbiotic relationship with nature because I truly believe in its healing powers. As a communications professional, my work at Lum A Terra allows me to mix my love for Earth with my passion for creativity and business. My objective is to shine the spotlight on brands who are in the business to better the world both socially and economically.  

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